Project Description


Also the collaboration and the conferences, with scholars and artists become a stimulus to expand the research and the story, sometimes intimate, of life’s paths of in which imagination becomes the guide of their one’s steps, between ups and downs, between hopes and disappointments. It always reappears, as a possibility that is tinged with the will to exist, despite everything, to be.

Abdus Salam Theoretical Physics Center (2006) with Marina Silvestri, Giuseppe O. Longo, Mery Tortolini, Annio G. Stasi; Imagination and Method in the Human Sciences, Didactics and Training I (2009), contributions from: Roberto Nicolai, Claudio Zambianchi, Franco Pitocco, Monica Storini, Dario Evola, Emanuela Piemontese, Marcella Frangipane, Annio G. Stasi, Mery Tortolini; Imagination and Method in the Human Sciences. Didactics and Training II (2010), contribution from: Roberto Nicolai, Franco Pitocco, Claudio Zambianchi, Elisabetta Mondello, Emanuela Piemontese, Dario Evola, Andrea Cucchiarelli, Paolo Canettieri, Annio G. Stasi, Mery Tortolini; Imagination and Memory, meeting with Tullio De Mauro, Alberto Oliverio, Annio G. Stasi, Tortolini (2013); The line and the face (2013) Presentation by Claudio Zambianchi, Irene Baratta, Annio G. Stasi, Viola Stasi, Mery Tortolini; The Conquest of the Present (2014) meeting with Franco Pitocco, Tony Carnevale, Emanuele Santi, Francesco Troccoli; The Tales of the Line (2015) with Giuseppe Di Giacomo, Giancarlo De Cataldo, Sandra Giuliani; Identity Doesn’t Give Up (2016-2017). Training project for Civil Service volunteers, carried out in collaboration with ICBSA (MIBACT), the Ministry of Interior, UNAR, the Migrant Memories Association …