Project Description


The participants arrived at the end of each course able to tell the stories of those who had never had the right to express themselves, with their newfound voices and discovered images. Studying then became away of managing one’s own image on a stage, in the collective story that over the years drew a face that was always forgotten. This is how they appeared, the background lines drawn together when the light fell in the evening and the University “became the belly of a whale” whose exit was found. Labyrinth of the mind that does not see the origin and does not recognize the imagination, servant of the house of the fathers, good only to console and entertain the masters, the gentleman and the lady, closed within the cold white walls of reason…thus came a guest, a harlequin and the colour of a multitude of voices in search of a face.

Masses in Motion… Rediscovering Space and Time in Search of a Woman (2001); Reflections from the Red Cube (2002); Antonio Tempesta! (2003); the Geants (2004); Present (2005); The Scream (2006); The two City (2006); La City of Time (2007); Faces in Time (2007); The Woman of the train (2009); The line of the glance (2010); Shadows of Light (2010-2011); The tells of Down (2012).